Monday, February 13, 2006

The Ginza Area

The photo above is from the Ginza area of Tokyo. This uniquely designed building, which was completed last year, houses a new Mikimoto Boutique. Mikimoto is the famous pearl company.


kj4ever said...

What beautiful pictures you have!

xianfu said...

cool pictures...You can be like a tourism website.. "p

bland10000 said...

Your sub-title is appropriate as I am an American living here and sometimes the swings between love and hate can be severe.

I looked at your blog last week and decided to use it as my guide. I went in search of the different spots around Tokyo I hadn't seen. Of course, Akihabara and Shinjuku were places I've been but in two years of living here I had never gone to Ginza nor Roppongi 'til now.

Found a delicious Indian curry restaurant in Ginza and I'll definitely return there again with friends. Japanese curry is a bit sweet for my taste.


plusultra said...

That is a very cool building, nice photographs.