Monday, February 28, 2005

Manner Advertisement

Wacky Sign Posted by Hello

It seems like almost every site or blog published about Japan usually includes a posting about wacky signs. Well, why be different?

This advertisement was hanging inside a train car. Actually one of its intents was to be funny. There was a whole set of these ads. Also, ironically these ads were produced by Japan Tobacco (JT Tobacco) as a smoker’s good manner campaign.

The whole series of ads can be found at the following links.

Page #1
Page #2
Page #3
Page #4

Take special note on the “passing gas” ad located on the fourth page (top-right hand corner.)


shinanos said...

Ha ha ha ha :D !!!

I Love It!!

Yeah some of Japan's notice board or signs are REALLY ODD, or UNIQUE I gotta say: though I like such foolish "Kanban"s so much...!

For JT's tobacco pictgram, its funny orders and faceless charactors' tell a lot in silly but interesting ANTI-poisute(throw cigarettes on the road) movement, I think!! And yes, I'm anti-smoker too :0 ☆

Suzanne said...

I am almost convinced they are using Babel Fish for translation :) Very funny!