Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Blossoms 2004 Posted by Hello

Well, It’s the first day of March today. One can only hope that spring will be here soon!

The photo above was taken on March 29th last year. Hopefully early warm weather will come and bring the cherry blossoms before April this year too.

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shinanos said...

Look so beautiful!
Here we can see the full bloom of cherry trees in April, a bit later than that of Tokyo...but I love 'Hanami' party a lot :D ♪
Next month, I'll go to the countryside to have a blowout O-hanami w/ my girlfriends live there...having yummi Bento + singin' + laughin' a lot outdoors.
Crazy Japanese annual event, but I ♡ hamami!! Yes, I'm a 'O-matsuri' type Japanese!