Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite

Well, after running around Tokyo to about fifteen different stores, I finally was able to buy a new DS Lite handheld video game.

According to the news, about 89,000 DS lites were sold between March 6th and 12th here in Japan. It is really hard to find any place that doesn't have a sign out in front of the store that says "DS lite sold out."

The Nintendo DS is really popular here in Japan. Not only with kids, but with adults as well. Several adult games have been wildly popular here.

In the photo above one of the bestselling games (if not the bestseller now) can be seen. This adult geared game is called "Brain Train : DS Adult Training."

This isn't a great photo, but you can see how bright the new screen is.

I don't plan on using my DS Lite to play games (yeah right!) I am hoping to get the soon to be released dictionary and Kanji practice software to help me study Japanese.


bland10000 said...

I saw a picture in the paper of a line outside of Yodobashi's Akiba store of people waiting to get a DS-lite. It surprised me as I figured a smaller version of something already out there wouldn't spark a run on inventory. They look nice...

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