Monday, January 05, 2009

Two Year Plus Hiatus

Looking back, it would have been better if I had deleted or suspended this blog rather than letting it stay on the internet without any updates for such a long period. For this I apologize. In my opinion it is bad manners to leave a dead blog floating around where people surfing run into it and are left disappointed.

I wasn’t updating this blog for several reasons. I really didn’t have the time and I really didn’t have much to blog about. Better yet, I was thinking about what type of blog I really wanted to make. With that in mind I have decided to salvage this blog.

After long consideration I have decided to make this blog’s future content more in line with it’s title, “Stuff In Japan.”

After my ten plus years in Japan I still find myself interested in the unique “stuff” that can be found here. When speaking of this “stuff” I’m mainly thinking about consumer products, whether it is some food product or a plastic model sold at a connivence store.

There are so many wondrous products in Japan. Even after the thousand plus times I have made a trip to the local supermarket I still find myself saying, “What’s that?” when looking at the products on the shelf. Cooking ingredients are especially confusing to non-Japanese as myself. 

I hope my future postings may help some readers to understand about the wide variety of products here in Japan or just to satisfy the curiosity of others.

With that wordy explanation I will once again make an effort to make this blog interesting and useful to someone.



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