Sunday, February 01, 2009

Jet-Black Stealth - Scale Model

Purchase Location : Yodobashi Camera
Purchased Price : 350 Yen
Scale :  1/144

It just amazes me how many scale models you can find in Japan. Of course there are a lot of model kits, but what is surprising is the amount of pre-assembled collector series models available.

This “collection figure” series is called “Shikkoku No Suterusu.” In English that would be “Jet-Black Stealth.” It is a collection of five types of F-117 Nighthawk models and one “Special” F/A 22” model.

I was wondering, what exactly should these type of models be called? I never really thought about it until I started posting about them. technically they are not model kits because the come pre-painted and partly assembled. On this particular model maker’s home page they are called “collection figure.” I personally thought calling them scale models sounds more correct. 

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