Monday, February 16, 2009

Gundam Collectable Figure

Purchase Location : Yodobashi Camera
Purchased Price : 620 Yen
Maker : Bandai

To be honest I am not a big Gundam fan. I haven’t even really followed the series. However, when I saw this collectable figure in the store I thought it was really cool. Also, due to the fact that Gundam is of legendary status, I thought I would like to learn more about it.

Anyone visiting a hobby store in Japan would most likely be overwhelmed by the amount of Gundam figures that are available. In fact according to Wikipedia’s Gundam web page, the Gundam franchise is a 50 billion yen trademark. The same page also says that Gundam plastic models account for 90 percent of the character plastic model market’s income. That is just amazing considering how big the market really is.

The above Gundam figure is called the MSM-03C HY-GOGG. It is a amphibious mobile suit.

If anyone knows a good Gundam primer website please let me know.


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