Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dorayaki - Usagiya

Purchase Location : Usagiya (Ueno, Tokyo)
Purchased Price : 180 Yen
Kcal : Unknown
Maker : Usagiya

Dorayaki is a type of wagashi, which is a traditional Japanese confectionary. It is basically two mini pancakes with sweet red bean paste inside the center. It is very popular and is also the favorite food of the fictional anime character Doremon.

This particular dorayaki is consider by some to be the best in Japan. Personally with my limited experience of eating dorayaki I really can not judge if it is the best. However, of all the ones I have eaten, I can say this one is the best.

This famous wagashi shop is located in the Ueno section of Tokyo. The address is 1-10-10 Ueno, Taito-Ku and a map (Japanese) can be found at this link.

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