Sunday, February 22, 2009

Micro RC Helicopter

Purchase Location : Yodobashi Camera
Purchased Price : 2100 Yen

Recently I have noticed quite a few stores carrying a slew of RC toy helicopters. Their popularity seems to be booming. Most likely this boom is fueled by the recent low prices of RC toys.

I never really payed that much attention to RC toy helicopters until I ran into this incredibly small one. It is called the miniBee. At only ten centimeters in length it truly is micro sized. I was shocked to see that the helicopter actually fits inside of the remote. 

This is my first purchase of a RC copter so I really can’t judge whether or not it flies that well. The tail always seems to spin left or right. There is a trim adjustment knob on the controller, but no matter how many times I adjust it, the tail rotor continues to push the helicopter to spin. I can however use the direction control lever to reduce to rate of spin.

Even if this micro RC helicopter is a mere toy, I have to admit I have had quite a bit of fun with it.  

In the photo above the white box on the red label reads sekai saishoukyuu, which translates as “world’s smallest” in English.

As you can see above, the helicopter fits snugly in the remote’s body. The remote also serves as a charging base. According to the manual the charging time is approximately thirty minutes and the flight time is around five minutes on a full charge.

There is a good promo video of this RC helicopter in action on the maker’s website here.


rc toys said...

such a great helicopter.excellent design.its really awesome i must say.

Deme said...

The smallest rc heli is syma v77, but it's no longer availabe today.
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Enrique Iglesias said...

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