Thursday, March 17, 2005

Chiyoda Ward

The Kanda River Posted by Hello

The photo above was taken near Akihabara, which is in the Chiyoda-ku area of Tokyo. The “ku” in Chiyoda-ku means “ward, district, or section.” As mentioned before, Tokyo has twenty-three wards.


Simon Proffitt said...

Ha! Incredible. I did a genuine double take when the page first loaded - I took an almost identical photo last year, except it looks like the yellow train in yours is going in the opposite direction to the one in mine.
Great site! Keep up the good work :)

quaisi said...

You have a nice blog with great pictures. I`m living in Osaka at the moment. This is my second visit to your site (via BE) and I`ve blogrolled you this time. What are you doing in Japan - working or studying or travelling? You`ve been to a lot of places but I haven`t understood what you`re doing. :)

Take it easy,


Robert said...

Simon, you are not kidding are you! We must have been standing in the same spot when we took our photos. Thanks!