Saturday, March 26, 2005

Tokyo Architecture : Part Three

NOA Building Posted by Hello

This unusually designed building is located in the Minato-Ku area of Tokyo. It is just a short distance from Tokyo Tower (obviously!)

Red Brick Base Posted by Hello

The base of this building is made of red brick. Even though brick was used in the past for the construction of buildings in Tokyo, now it is rarely seen.

This building can be seen in the first photo posting on this blog, which was taken from the top of Tokyo Tower.


Sray said...

The red base looks like a rusted iron hull. The building is cute, though!

Nakama Yujin said...

I like that building too. I think it is called the Nakatani Renga Building and was built in 1974 by Ono Masayuki, who is, I believe, the father of the artist/musician/peace activist Ono Yoko.

By the way, your blog looks good.