Monday, March 21, 2005

Red Brick Warehouses

Building Two Posted by Hello

The photo above shows Building Number Two of the historical Yokohama “Red Brick Warehouses.” These two warehouses were completed sometime around 1913. They are located on the Yokohama waterfront (see yesterday’s posting.)

Building One Posted by Hello

In this photo Building Number One can be seen on the right hand side. It is actually smaller than Building Number Two.

What makes these two warehouses special is that they have been beautifully remodeled. Building One is now a multipurpose hall. It is used for art exhibits and concerts, among other things. Building Two has been converted into a commercial building. It currently houses many shops and restaurants.

Building Two Posted by Hello

Another view of Building Number Two. The shops may not be that interesting in this building, but it is worth a look inside to see how well the conversion / renovation of this beautiful building was done.

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quaisi said...

Looks like the seafront in Portsmouth