Monday, March 14, 2005

Yamaguchi City

Yamaguchi City Posted by Hello

This photo was taken (from a hotel) in Yamaguchi City, which is the prefectural capital of Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Yamaguchi City’s population is about 160,000 people. It is a very clean and beautiful city. Some people call it the “Kyoto of the West.” It’s also famous for the many hot springs within the city.


Sray said...

Nice! I would also be interested to know what the meaning of the names are (for example, what does yamaguchi mean?).. does it have a meaning at all? Whats the history?

Robert said...

I think that the closest translation of Yamaguchi would be “Mouth of the Mountains.” For place names there is usually a meaning, but for people’s names the Kanji sometimes is only used (chosen) for pronunciation.