Friday, March 11, 2005

Tokyo Architecture : Part Two

Shimbashi Area Posted by Hello

Following up on yesterday’s posting, here is another interesting building that is located in the Shimbashi area of Tokyo (next to Ginza.) This building is only a short distance from the Nakagin Capsule Tower, which was the topic of yesterday’s post.

SPBC Headquarters Building Posted by Hello

This unusual tower is the Shizuoka Press and Broadcasting Centre Headquarters Building. Kenzo Tange Associates designed it. Their web site can be found at this link.

Close Up Posted by Hello

Surprisingly the date of completion of the building is listed as 1967. Somehow it seems like a more modern design.

Front Posted by Hello

At only 1,493 square meters of floor space, it really doesn’t have much area for offices.


Sray said...

How stable is this building against earthquakes? It looks like those office floors could fall off; they must be supported by some beams anchored in the core cylinder. But they cannot be that strong?!

Robert said...

I am not sure Sray, but I sure wouldn’t want to be near it during an earthquake!

The next “Big One” is already statistically overdue.