Sunday, March 13, 2005

Concrete Coast : Part Two

Zushi Marina Posted by Hello

Once again to follow up on yesterday’s posting (yes, again!), here are some more photos of concrete wave-breakers / tetrapods in various parts of Japan.

Zushi Posted by Hello

Well, at least this concrete wave-breaker has a useful secondary purpose for the sun tanners.

This photo (and the previous one) was taken in Zushi City, which is located in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Izu Peninsula Posted by Hello

If you look closely at this photo you can see some type of triangular concrete forms that are lined up against the wave-breaking arm that extends outward. There might be some scientific reasoning behind the various shapes?

The Izu Peninsula is located in Shizuoka Prefecture (see previous posting.)

Fukui Prefecture Posted by Hello

Fukui Prefecture Posted by Hello

The two photos above were taken in Fukui Prefecture, which is located on the coast of the Sea of Japan (opposite of Tokyo.)

To see a great photo of giant tetrapods being cast in their forms see this link, which is from the forum’s page of the web site SNOWJAPAN.

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