Sunday, March 20, 2005

Yokohama Port

Old Crane Posted by Hello

For today’s posting here are some photos taken around the port area of Yokohama City.

Yokohama Port Posted by Hello

The Port of Yokohama was opened in 1859; just six years after Commodore Perry visited Japan demanding that it open itself up to outsiders.

To learn some more history of the Port of Yokohama take a look at this link.

Old Passenger Boat Posted by Hello

The ocean liner in this photo is called the Hikawa-Maru (Japanese only link.) She once ran service between Kobe and Seattle (U.S.A.) She was also used as a hospital ship. Now she is a tourist attraction that is permanently berthed in Yamashita Park, which is located on the Yokohama waterfront.

Terminal Posted by Hello

This is the Yokohama International Passenger Terminal, which was opened in 2002. It is also called the “Osanbashi Pier.” It’s official website can be found here (Japanese only.)

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