Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Landmark Tower

Landmark Tower Posted by Hello

Landmark Tower is located in the Minato Mirai 21 (near the waterfront) area of Yokohama. At 70 floors, landmark Tower is currently the tallest building in Japan. Seventy floors might not seem like much, but for an earthquake prone country such as Japan, it is considered tall.

This beautiful building was designed by three different architectural firms, Taisei Construction Company, The Stubbins Associates (main firm?), and Mitsubishi Real Estate. It was completed in 1993 and stands at 296 meters tall.

Floors 49 to 70 of the Landmark Tower are occupied by the Yokohama Royal Park Hotel. Other floors include office space, and at the bottom of the tower there is a shopping mall.

More photos of this beautiful skyscraper and surrounding buildings will be posted tomorrow!


Sray said...

Beautiful. It has a typical Japanese quality to it... with the four flanking rectangles/beam-like things that rise up in an arc.

vieri8532 said...

It is a beutifull building. I am waiting for the others about this. It's like a massive rock.